The world is full of uncertainty; my world is full of uncertainty. I have an unspecified amount of time to do an unspecified task. Shall I rest on my laurels and wait, or actively seek a goal? The answer to that question is obvious, but then another world of uncertainty opens before me. A goal, yes. What should it be? How long shall I spend seeking it? Shall it relate purely to self-improvement, or shall it have nothing to do with self-improvement?

OK, self-improvement. What path? Computers are interesting machines. Math is also cool. Looks like I may pursue those. Scott H Young did a year-long study called "The MIT Challenge", where he spent a year doing the full course work for a four-year technical degree from MIT.

I don't know what to make of myself. I am newly unemployed, so all my creative pursuits are now unfocused.

Here we go.

-Josh Thompson