I just wasted twenty five minutes

Have you ever sat down at your computer, intent on knocking out one specific task, then finding yourself wondering how you spent the last 20 minutes, and you still did not finish what you tried to do? I sat down fifteen minutes ago with an idea about something to write. It wasn't a blog post, but it involved writing. I started writing this thing first a few weeks ago, and have touched on it here and there since then. I planned on doing a lot more tonight.

But then I checked Facebook. And read some articles from the excellent Signals vs. Noise blog. (This is a good read, but ironic, sort of) and this (especially if you're looking at getting hired somewhere), and watch this, and if you manage people, read these two articles.

So... I just wasted the time I set apart of doing a quick burst of creative work.

PS I just read this article about super-competitive jobs at top-tier financial and management consulting companies, and had to adjust my title from "I just wasted twenty minutes" to "I just wasted twenty five minutes".

PPS I want to feel guilty, but I'm fighting that. I'm not sure why.