Value Nuggets

My most recent blog posts were a pile of steaming something. I was trying to get something published that week, because I committed myself to doing just that. And then I felt terrible - all I did was waste people's time. I had wasted my own time, and now I was multiplying the damage many times, by wasting other's time as well.

Never again will I post something that wastes your time. Those of you subscribed via email, or who come in via twitter, I value you. I apologize for pushing out crappy content.

I read a great article called "Write Epic S**t!". The premise is simple. If you want to have a blog that people read, produce things worth reading.

To that end, I am evaluating every article I post on if I think it will produce value for those who read it. If I don't think it will, I won't post. I'd rather have zero content for three weeks than six junky articles that help no one.

Today's value producing nugget:

Sweet potatoes. Of the mashed variety.

I love sweet potatoes, but cooking them is a pain. I don't like running my oven in the summer because it heats up our entire apartment, and I don't like chopping and handling every single stick of sweet potato. I want something mass-produced, that scales well.

And I found it. I've had it before, but had never made it myself. Mashed sweet potatoes.

The recipe is easy, and the product is delicious. If you never cook for yourself, this is still worth doing. The recipe calls for three pounds of sweet potatoes - that's one bag worth. This allows you to create a LOT of food with very little effort.

Here's the recipe: Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Use chicken broth if you can and brown sugar if you can. Even if you skip everything else, it will be amazing.

Go forth and be changed.