Independence Day

Today is Independence Day. We celebrate gaining freedom from Great Britain. I wonder what countries might celebrate gaining freedom from oppressors today. Perhaps Ukraine? How about Tibet? Taiwan? North Korea? Syria? These all make sense, and we'll talk today about taking freedom to these nations. Bad things happen to them, and we (the world) want to make it stop.

What about Yemen? Iraq? Pakistan? Mexico? It is naïve to think these nations have the same view of our presence as we do.

If we want to end suffering in other countries, why not open our borders to their fleeing refugees? Lebanon is home to a few million dislocated Iraqi refugees, and they're not happy about it. Oh, and now Syrians.

Last election cycle Ron Paul had the highest percentage of the military vote, and he advocates non-interventionism. If we support our troops, why not bring them home. (I know I'm off on holidays at the moment. It was on my mind.)

Does this look peaceful or painful? Context is everything. Probably depends on how hydrated you are.