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Signs your parking (lot) is broken #

  • not enough spaces at certain times
  • dangerous situations loading/unloading vehicles
  • customers cruising (looking) for spaces
  • no(t enough) parking for staff/contractors at certain times
  • and more

I’m obsessed with parking lots and everything about them, and I’d like to help yours work better.

For $1500/mo, I’ll start helping you with yours.

👉 hire Josh to fix your parking ($1500/mo)


It’s a mix of consultation and analysis, obviously. And then making small changes, and deciding how we like things.

Rinse, and repeat.

Here’s some of my tiktoks about some parking lots:


♬ The Champion - Lux-Inspira

♬ Good Vibes (Instrumental) - Ellen Once Again

Critically, I’ll explain how some of these classes of problems are a solved problem in some places, and thus are solvable here, in your specific context.

Misc #

From reddit, about Movement Baker:

True. It’s been insane since December. Circling around the parking lot for 5 minutes to find a spot is no bueno.

Potential harms of mismanaged parking #

  • lots of frustration around arriving/departing
  • possibly less customers
  • dangerous interactions between classes of vehicles. Near-misses, etc.
  • things seem worse when it rains or snows
  • sometimes might feel dark and unsafe, but othertimes super busy

Questions? Send an email, lets chat more about it.

Phone calls, zoom calls, and even in-person meetings are all on the table and included in the package.