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How Done Is This Page? #

Not very done. Things I create go through a 5-step process, and some things never get out of the first three steps:

  1. Capture fragments of ideas as quickly as I can. Phrases, pictures, lists of links, error messages or quotes that sparked thoughts <– you are here
  2. Reorganize the document into something that has some visible structure or progression.
  3. Share the document with a small group (maybe just 1 person!) along with context, relying on their trust in me to help them “see past” some of the more glaring errors and holes in what I’ve created
  4. Take a few days away from the document while the person(s) are reviewing it.
  5. Return to the document, make edits/updates based on feedback and my own “flushing” it from my mind.
  6. Re-share with a wider group, test for efficacy
  7. If all seems good, the document is done! It does what I wanted it to do.

I wanted a little bit of a “scratch pad” where I can list ideas and observations in an easy-to-share way.

Some of the genesis for the ideas contained here will be things I see go by in NextDoor, or conversations I partake in with friends and family.

I think about networks and systems. Cities are complex systems; the city of Golden is no exception.

Here’s one of the most important documents I’ve ever read:

Josh, how does all of this apply to Golden?

I’ll explain as we go.

Important and/or Relevant Books #

Resources #