Meet Your Newest Residents

We're Josh and Kristi Thompson, and we want to rent from you!

We have the incredible opportunity to work remotely full-time, so in May 2015, we sold (most of) our stuff, moved out of our apartment, and spent about a year traveling full-time. Josh works for Litmus, Inc, and Kristi leads customer support at CartStack.

We've finished our travels, for now, and look forward to settling back in the lovely and amazing Golden, Colorado.


You Will Love Renting to Us

You will love renting to us for several reasons:

  • You will get paid on time. We have always paid rent on time. (Technically, we usually pay rent two weeks before its due.) Here is a letter of recommendation from our last landlord in Golden, CO.
  • Your house, apartment, or room will be in good hands. Both of our families are landlords. We treat every space as if it were our own. We will leave it in the same (or better!) condition it was when we arrived.
  • You will have peace and quiet. We both tend to go to bed early, and wake up early. Our idea of an awesome Friday night is board games, a few good friends, and maybe a glass of wine.


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