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Turing School

This page is now functionally “locked”, as I’ve completed my time at Turing. I’m keeping it live as I’ll still be sharing resources here with others. My very brief Turing retrospective

Throughout my time at Turing, I try to teach what I learn, because that helps me learn better.

As I write, I usually save it as a gist on Github. Those are not searchable, and it’s hard sometimes even for me to remember what I’ve written.

What follows below is a curated list of useful material, ordered by either the module it might best apply to, or a more general category. These are intended to benefit current/future Turing students, and encompass much of what I’ve written during my time at Turing.


Before Turing

Mod 1: Ruby and other fundamentals

Mod 2: Sinatra, Active Record, and Rails

Mod 3: Consuming and Building APIs, brown-field projects, AJAX, caching, background workers

Better Prework

William Thomas and Rhonda Wilhemlson prepared themselves for Mod 3 much better than I. I felt a bit let down by the pre-work, and poorly prepared. I struggled a lot

Here’s what William and Rhonda did, and what I wish I’d done, before mod 3 started:

Mod 4:

I didn’t write anything significant in mod 4.

I’ve got drafts for posts re: OSS contributions, etc.

In the mean time, read this great post by Leta Keene