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👋, I’m Josh.

This website serves as a bit of a public scratch pad for sometimes-evolving ideas and words.

In what might be a slight over-simplification, I value coherence, meaningfulness, and long asides1.

I am learning to apologize less for having an abundance of interests. Feel free to click around to sample some of that.

Nearly everything around here is in flux, as I have reason and time. I’ve found that having a highly-customized website allows for really interesting opportunities, like building little sales pages, or attaching cool little web applications.

I aspire to write in transparent and accessible ways, and your best bets for those are via one of my email newsletters2 or via my Github Sponsors account3. If you sponsor me, you’ll get emails from me, theoretically, and most people who read them say they’re “certainly not a huge waste of time”.

I care a lot about cities, because I live in one (Golden, CO), for the same reason I care about cars, because I drive in one.

I generally try to be inoffensive, and miss that mark regularly.

Footnotes #

  1. These long asides often look like footnotes, and many pages you’ll read around here have footnotes. I care about the experience of footnotes, and while I’m not completely satisfied with the user experience of these footnotes, it’s the best tradeoff I can find that doesn’t require any javascript, funky CSS, and supports moving quickly between text/footnote and between footnotes. Click/tap the arrow at the end of this line to return to where you were reading. 

  2. If you’re getting emails from me and you don’t know why that is, I’ve written some articles about rock climbing (aspects of training, psychology, trip guides, etc) that did pretty well. I rock climb, “write code”, read/write about esoteric principles of Anabaptist theology, urban economics, issues of justice related to cities, etc. Sometimes I get linked to from strange corners of the internet and collect a strange mix of email subscribers. 

  3. at least, if you want my plainest and best public writing about software development. Unfortunately, while I’ve been busy in this space over the last year, I’ve not written that much about it to anyone, so I cannot really suggest you go give me your money unless it has no real value to you, in which case, load me up: