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I’m Josh. I do a mix of things, mostly related to software development, rock climbing, and helping software developers and rock climbers be better at what they do.

My wife and I are based in Golden, CO.

Currently Working On:

Helping early-career software developers become mid-career software developers months quicker than it would otherwise take.

I’m working on resources to help early-career software developers more quickly feel confident and competent in their skills.

I’ve got a few years years of professional development experience under my belt.

This amount of experience means I’m experienced enough that I can see the ideal end goal, in terms of skills and knowledge, but I’m new enough that I remember what it was like to still be pretty overwhelmed by most of what I had to do.

My basic goal is “time compression”.

Using resources I’m making, I want you to learn almost as much as I know about a certain topic, but I want you to learn it in 1/10th the time it took me to learn it.

So far, I’m focusing on Ruby/Rails specific topics.

You’ll get about 1 email a week, straight from my keyboard to your inbox.

Curated list of things I’ve written

I’ve got about 230 posts in the archive, which is too much for even me to keep track of.

Here’s a good starting point:


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