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I’m Josh. I do a mix of things, mostly related to software development, rock climbing, and helping software developers and rock climbers be better at what they do.

My wife and I are based in Golden, CO.

What I’m working on right now 🕐

Two things:

Current Project #1 IntermediateRuby

I’m working on helping early-career Ruby/Rails software developers more quickly grow their skills.

I’m doing this here:


I’m almost done with my first 5-part (😱) series. I paid a very kind and super-senior Rails Dev (👋 Matt Swanson) to pair with me through an OSS bug fix. I recorded the whole session, and am breaking it up into short lessons with very detailed accompanying notes.

I’m not done yet, but already I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out.

–> Jekyll Bug Fix with Matt: Part 0 - Series Introduction

Current Project #2 Upgrade Your Aging Parent's Junky Old Laptop to a Chromebook: A Guide For Technical People

Here’s the origin story:

I spent a few hours recently helping my 75-year-old mother-in-law reconnect her junky old Windows laptop to the internet. Across five phone calls, and many pictures of her computer screen, we got her internet working again.

As I did this, I live-tweeted the experience. It was about 20 tweets. A few pictures my mother-in-law sent me, and a poll.

This has been a painful process for both of us. I’m my family’s “tech person”, and I’m going to document the process by which I upgrade my mother-in-law’s old Windows-something-or-another to a Chromebook.

I learn and work in public. If my situation is at all similar to your situation, please follow the link and punch in your email, or hit one of the pre-purchase buttons!

–> Upgrading Your Parent’s Junky Old Laptop to a Chromebook

Other Things I’ve Written

I’ve written north of 240 blog posts, which is too much for even me to keep track of.

Here’s some possible places to start:


I like the Turing School of Software and Design. It’s how I got my start in software. I work extensively with future/current Turing students, and many alumn on job-hunting, salary negotiation, job success-type topics.

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