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👋, I’m Josh.

This website serves as a bit of a public scratch pad for sometimes-evolving ideas and words.

In what might be a slight over-simplification, I value coherence, meaningfulness, and long asides1.

I am learning to apologize less for having an abundance of interests. Feel free to click around to sample some of that.

Nearly everything around here is in flux, and I tend to things in an admittedly haphazard ways. You’ll find polish and rough edges everywhere.

I tend to think in bets, and enjoy experiments, and my own personal website (and the embarrassing/aspirational number of other domains and software projects I have) should truly convince you that this must best be considered something “under construction” than anything approaching “done” or “polished”.

Some links around here don’t work, and that’s just the beginning. Feel free to open an issue, or subscribe via email and reply to an email. I know about “professional email marketing”, and the things I do with this website is barely one of those.

I care a lot about cities,2 because I live in one (Golden, CO), for the same reason a fish might care about water.

I generally try to be inoffensive, and miss that mark regularly.

Footnotes #

  1. These long asides often look like footnotes, and many pages you’ll read around here have footnotes. I care about the experience of footnotes, and while I’m not completely satisfied with the user experience of these footnotes, it’s the best tradeoff I can find that doesn’t require any javascript, funky CSS, and supports moving quickly between text/footnote and between footnotes. Click/tap the arrow at the end of this line to return to where you were reading. 

  2. No, really. Many of you might recognize this as the substantial understatement that it is.