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I’m Josh. I do a mix of things, mostly related to software development, rock climbing, and helping software developers and rock climbers be better at what they do.

My wife and I are based in Golden, CO.

What I’m working on right now

I am always interested in what people are working on right now. Maybe not urgently, but at least enoug that they think about it every week or two. If you have a project that you think I can help with, I’d love to hear about it: [email protected]

I am working on two things:

#1 Building out IntermediateRuby

I’m working on helping early-career ruby/rails software developers more quickly grow their skills.

I’m doing this here:


#2 Upgrading Your Parent’s Junky Old Laptop to a Chromebook

Check it out:

–> Upgrading Your Parent’s Junky Old Laptop to a Chromebook

If any of what’s above (or what you read below) is of interest to you, I’ll probably mention it sometime soon to folks who are following along via email:

I’d love for you to join:

here’s a sample of the kind of stuff you’ll get

Some of the other stuff and where to start

I’ve got about 230 posts in the archive, which is too much for even me to keep track of.

Here’s a good starting point:


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