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I’ve got >250 blog posts, so here’s a bit of a best-of section.

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I learn by writing things down, and refer to my own writing regularly to refresh my memory on how to do something.

Here’s a smattering of the programming-related posts I’ve written.

note: I also run, where I’m helping early-career software developers grow as quickly as possible into mid-career software developers. If you think you might benefit from this, click the link and check it out!

Best-of: Non-programming Miscelaneous

“Programming” is a narrow domain. I vastly prefer to think of myself as a problem solver who sometimes uses code. Here’s a collection of writings from the last ~10 years I’ve been writing. Most of it is from before I became a software developer.

Best-of: Annual Reviews

I’ve done annual reviews for the last few years. I enjoy reading other people’s annual reviews, so I’ll make it easy for others to find mine, if this is their cup of 🍵.

Best-of: Books

I read. A lot.

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