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Mentors and Attitude

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Having a mentor is equal parts “having a mentor” and “being one who can be mentored”. If I am too thick-headed to evaluate things that someone tells me and figure out how to apply that to my life, both of us are wasting our time. Having a mentor is life-changing because you have intentionally adopted a teachable disposition. It is a commitment to growth. If you have a conversation with your mentor, and that conversation is live-streamed to a friend who is not interested in getting mentored, but wants to hear what nuggets of wisdom come from that conversation, you will get far more out of the conversation than he, even though you both heard the exact same thing.

I don’t have any formal mentoring relationships but there are a few people in my life who consistently share wisdom, insight, and sometimes tell me “That would be a bad way to go about X - how about this other way?”

I am thankful for these relationships, and I have been deeply impacted by them.

Do you have any mentors? If not, why not?