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How to complete a project

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Most of us have goals. And we usually don’t reach any of them. The Minimum Viable Product “concept” has helped me with some goals, and it could be helpful to you.

It’s a simple concept: When starting something new, figure out what the minimum investment would get you the required return.

Here’s how it played out for me in the last few weeks:

I’ve wanted to write a book about lead climbing, and how to deal with fear. It was so daunting of a project, I put off any progress for a long time, and then once I did start making progress, I easily sidetracked myself down a thousand different rabbit trails.

The only time I have made progress was when focusing on the minimum required investment, and what next step would get me there.

I am far from done, but it’s gotten me this far.

Check out to see the results of this particular project. You can download a sample chapter for free, and of course, buy the book if you’re interested.