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Playing Pranks

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My wife played a brilliant prank on me today, as she does every year. Here’s a partial list:

  • Convincing me that I was about to eat a slice of carrot cake; it was a sponge covered with toothpaste. I bit into it.
  • Convincing me that she had, in anger and frustration, cut off almost all of her hair, and had pictures to prove it; unflattering camera angles + bobby pins = confused Josh
  • Feeding me soapy water
  • Convincing me she had a very forward suitor who wouldn’t take no for an answer; she and I were engaged, and it fell to me to do something about it.

She has gotten me many other times. I love April fools day, but I’m not sure why. I don’t generally enjoy being tricked, but I love seeing the many things Kristi thinks up, and how she tricks me.

It requires trust. I won’t be so easily tricked by most people, but my guard is down (obviously) when I’m with my wife. And this is healthy. I think part of the reason I love April Fools Day is because she couldn’t trick me if I didn’t trust her. That vulnerability is freeing.

It takes work, though, building a relationship in which you can be vulnerable. I (and I think the rest of humanity) instinctually recoils from vulnerability. And this cheapens our relationships, robs us of opportunities for joy.