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Why schedule something that doesn't exist?

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The first thing I did when making this post is I set it to be published tomorrow.

Then, I left the room for a bit. I didn’t have anything to say. Or, I didn’t think I did.

Yet, all over my computer, and in various list trackers and note-taking apps, I’ve got dozens of ideas to write about stashed away. I’ve got 25 potential posts in various states of done-ness.

All these words, with little pressure to write, but endless reason to refine a little longer.

In other words, a perfect recipe for procrastination.

I miss the habit of the mind of writing. Once I’ve “cleared the deck” of past things I have written, I’ve got to come up with new things to write. Which means I need to be cognizant of ideas that pass through my head, and I need to flesh them out to something that can be expressed.

Heck, I don’t even need to just notice ideas, I need to have ideas, and then execute on them.

So, here we are, a little after setting this post to be published, with nothing to say.

To my pleasant surprise, it seems I may have said something.

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