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Redefining Success

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It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. It’s been almost a month since my last entry. I thought about writing something here almost every day, but here is why I didn’t:

I want to produce “content” that is helpful and relevant to those who might read it. I felt like nothing I had done or experienced in the last few weeks, even if expertly documented, could help anyone. I have a few big projects that will be awesome when they are done, but that requires that 1) I finish them, and 2) they are awesome.

Here’s why this is still worth reading: No one can be a failure for failing to meet a few specific goals, because failing is a necessary component of success.  I have often felt like I have failed. Failures don’t have anything interesting to say, right?

I had that attitude that I should pipe up only when I’ve figured out some cool way to make money on the side, or when I’ve created this really cool website. (I can’t code worth crap, by the way. “Creating a really cool website” is not around the corner.)

I am human, but I want to create this persona that looks like me, but has no weaknesses and makes no mistakes.Fortunately, everyone that knows that this is not true.