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$150 Custom-Made Standing Desk

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My desk/our kitchen table My desk/our kitchen table

Standing desks are all the rage. (I’m still waiting for walking desks to catch up.)

Kristi and I outfitted our space with reclaimed furniture from Craigslist (also known as “cheap”), so we wanted to keep it going with a desk. My setup at our kitchen table was less than ideal, and we’d been wanting a desk for me for a while. We saw that others have commissioned desks with great success, so we gave it a shot.

A few emails and $150 later, I’ve got a standing desk. There are guides for building $25 standing desks, but since my work station is a part of our living room, we wanted something that looked OK.

One Craigslist add later, we had a desk. We paid Drew Morris $150 for the desk, and are thrilled. (If you’re in the Denver area, and want a standing desk, reach out to Drew.Morris82( )yahoo.

I’ve been using the desk for only half a day, so I don’t have much to say, other than I really like it so far. More information to come soon!

No longer on the kitchen table! No longer on the kitchen table!