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Corollas and U-Hauls

These last few posts have a theme. We moved. I’m writing about it a lot because I thought about it a lot, and a lot of work went into it. When moving across the country, you have a few options. You could higher a moving company, who comes and boxes up your house, packs a truck, drives the truck, and unpacks it when you arrive. This is expensive.

You can also get a movable storage container, like a POD. This is expensive.

You can rent a truck that fits all your things, and tow your car behind it. This is expensive. It would have been about $2300 for us to go this route.

So, we towed a U-haul behind our Corolla.

The total price, including getting a hitch installed, was about $500. It was 4x8x4. 128 cubic feet.

Because of the weight, we didn’t go much faster than 60 mph the entire drive out. Nineteen hours of driving the first day, sixteen the second.

I took this picture as I was dropping the trailer off. Didn't take a picture of the trailer on my car, for some reason.

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