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How to never accidentally click Twitter's "Moments" again (and to block anything else on the internet you don't want to deal with) - with uBlock

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Do you use Twitter’s “Moments” tool, or do you just find it really annoying?

Most people find it annoying. Here’s how to get rid of Twitter’s “Moments” forever:

0. Be won over to using an ad blocker on the internet.

They don’t block just ads, but malicious scripts and bandwidth-hogging junk. I’m a huge fan, so is Lifehacker. Others are not 

1. Install uBlock Origin.

Here’s links for Chrome, Firefox, and… the jury is still out for a good ad blocker for Safari.

Already using AdBlock Plus? “uBlock is lighter/quicker than ABP” -  Lifehacker

(There’s a big kerfuffle about uBlock vs. uBlock Origin. I just trust the internet and went with uBlock Origin.)

2. Click the uBlock icon, and click the eye dropper tool.

The tool label is “Enter Element picker mode”

3. Move the element picker to the entire “Moments” section.

(Not just the text or the icon)

4. Click it (or any section of the page you want to hide)

You know you want to. You won’t break anything. Once you click it - the thing you clicked? It’s GONE!

5. On the tooltip that pops up in the bottom right of your screen, mouse over it, and click “create”

Here’s a gif of using uBlock:

A gif of using uBlock A gif of using uBlock

If you make a mistake, no sweat. Right click on the uBlock icon>options>my filters>delete the rule you don’t want>apply changes


Done! Never get frustrated clicking into “Moments” again!

You can use it elsewhere, too.

For example, email “subscribe now” popups can get annoying.

I’ve subscribed to a newsletter ( Kopywriting Kourse, if you must know), and when I click a link in the emails I receive, I get more popups asking me to join the newsletter! So, I use uBlock to permanently hide the popup:

Bock annoying Bock annoying “subscribe now” popups. 


That’s all. Hopefully this is useful!

PS: The controversy about ad blockers makes me think about advertising as a huge mis-allocation of resources for modern man. I’ll expand on this some day.