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Travel somewhere fun. But first get on Scott's email list

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Most of us have a bucket list item of “travel abroad”, right?

It gets harder to realize once you start looking through flight prices, though. If you and your significant other want to head to Europe or Asia, you might be dropping $2500, minimum, for the both of you.

That’s expensive, especially because you will need to spend more money once you arrive.

So, lets get your flights way cheaper, OK?

Scotts Cheap Flights List #

This guy Scott sends out emails when he finds “mistake fares” from the USA to other parts of the world. There’s lots of these, but when one pops up, the offer is usually gone in a few hours or a few days.

For example, here’s round-trip to Asia, from all over the USA, for $400-600 USD. That’s a great price.

Scotts Cheap Flights, a deal from USA>Asia>USA Scotts Cheap Flights, a deal from USA>Asia>USA

Here’s the full email:

His “premium” list is $30/year, but he’s got a free list that you should sign up at. (When you first punch in your email, you get the free stuff. You can upgrade later if you want.)

A quick example of how popular this is: I shared this around Litmus, and in the last two weeks or so, a total of ten people have purchased a flight thanks to Scotts list.

If you want to travel, get on his list:

PS Flights and travel take money. You need to have money to travel. Here we touch on the delicate third rail of the world: finances. I strongly recommend browsing around YNAB and getting inspired to own your finances. (Otherwise, they might own you.)

PPS I don’t do affiliate links.

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