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No New Books

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I’ve promised myself that I won’t add any more books to my Kindle, either by purchasing them from Amazon, or downloading them online, or renting them from a Library.


I’ve let reading about doing things stand in the way of doing the things. No amount of educational literature is as good as a few days or weeks struggling with a task.

I’m letting myself finish what I’ve already got on my Kindle, though. I’ve got 46 unread books, so this should last me through the end of 2016.

Some of them are quite short (anything by Seth Godin) and others are quite long (John Keegan, First World War, Second World War). 


For right now, no more book purchases or downloads. That’s my rule. 

Want to read along, or at least know what I’ve finished reading most recently?

I keep my Goodreads profile current-ish with what I’ve finished reading, and at least right now, what I’m currently reading.