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Why I use a Kindle

Amazon’s e-reader is extremely functional. Most reasons to not use one focus either on practical issues (depending on something with a battery) or on aesthetic reasons. These are valid issues, of course, but these pale in comparison to the many, many reasons to use a Kindle. more

  • Extremely portable

  •  Quite compact

  • Can hold near-infinite number of books

  • Instantly acquire new books.

  • Purchased books are cheaper on Kindle than physical books (usually)

  • You can “rent” books on your Kindle from a library - without ever going to the library.

  • Easy to use one-handed, either lying down (in bed) or standing up (metro).

  • Built-in dictionary for all those words you don’t know how to use. (Oh, and you can have dictionaries in just about any language.)

  • No page-turning - just tap a convenient button that is ambidextrous.

  • You can read while eating without your book falling shut.

  • You can hold it with one hand and turn pages. Simultaneously. Difficult to do with a regular book.

  • When not in use, fold the cover shut, and drop it in the thinnest pocket of whatever bag you’re carrying with you. (You do have a cover for it, right?)

  • It weighs less than just about any book you could buy.

  • It takes up less space than just about any book you could buy.

  • While it does require charging, I find myself charging it less than once a month. (And I use it a lot.)

  • You can play games on it, if you’re so inclined.

  • You can have it for $69.

  • It uses the Amazon bookstore. Amazon is awesome.

  • It makes reading fun, so you read more than you would otherwise.

  • It can hold over a thousand books simultaneously, so you can start slimming down your library.

This is a short list of how I do most of my reading. If you don’t have a Kindle yet, look into it. It could change your life.

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