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2015: The year I didn't think much?

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I generally think that if I write what I am thinking about, I can think about it a lot better. Writing has a clarifying effect (or is it affect?) on thought. 

If that’s the case, I just didn’t think much in 2015:

I wrote about 45 things in 2013 and 2014. I wrote 8 in 2015. I wrote about 45 things in 2013 and 2014. I wrote 8 in 2015.

I’m not sure why I wrote so much less in 2015. Much of what was on my mind I was reluctant to publish, because most of my extra brain power revolved around travel. Kristi and I have been traveling full-time for the last six months, and I didn’t feel like I wanted to be a travel blogger, or run around tooting my own horn. (Prior to beginning full-time travel, we were thinking and planning a lot.)

So, 2015 was a wash for writing, but we did a ton of cool stuff, so I’m quite content with it.

Now, even though I’m still traveling (hello from Costa Rica) I’ve got extra “brain cycles” to spend thinking about stuff again. I’m hoping that writing begets more writing, as I’ve started working on another project ( The Climber’s Guide) and picking up occasional freelance writing projects. 

I’m also dialing back whatever imaginary standards I had in my head about what I should and should not write. It doesn’t matter. This is my corner of the website, I can put whatever I want on it. My theme is still deliver value via my words, but that doesn’t limit me exclusively to guides about how to do stuff. 

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