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☕️ & Zoom with Josh #

Back before Covid happened, I would regularly grab a coffee or lunch with people I didn’t know.

I would regularly set up lunches at Sherpa House in Golden, Colorado. Sometimes it would be just me and one or two other people, sometimes there would be 20 software-adjacent people chowing down. It was a great time.

I’m trying to bring some of that back.

I’m still intentionally trying to hang out with people I don’t yet know, so I’d be thrilled to “get a coffee” with you via Zoom1!

Schedule something convenient to you:

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Frequently Asked Questions #

Really? Total strangers? You’re letting total strangers schedule calls with you? #

Yep. It’s been great so far.

Are you interested in just “software” people? #

Not at all. In fact, if you don’t consider yourself to be in a software-related industry, I’m particularly interested in talking with you. I spend most of my day around software people. I’d love to talk to someone who isn’t in software.

In fact, I’ve got a goal of helping people grow their salaries by an aggregate of $150,000 this year.

I’ve got about $50,000 done, and need to help people get $100,000 in raises by July 2021.

I do this by taking lessons from:

And helping people apply those principles to their own lives.

Oh, and the companies that pay the increased amount? They’re over the moon as well.

Everyone walks away congratulating themselves on the great deal they got. Lets chat.

What do you talk about with total strangers? #

All sorts of things. The problem is not:

what do you talk about

The actual problem is:

it's completely impossible to close all the conversational threads that we open up in 30 minutes.

We live in an interesting world. Reality has a surprising amount of detail.

On the software side of things, this talk has generated a lot of conversation #

I gave a 35 minute talk at Boulder Ruby titled Combining 'The Business" and Improving the Performance of a Rails App'.

It’s about how software developers at an individual level can bring about good things for themselves and the business that employes them.

It weaves some principles, stories, tutorials, and quite a few jokes.

update: whoa! The group laughs 8 times in the first 2.5 minutes! I just counted. This talk might actually be worth watching. You’re statistically likely to enjoy it.

I’d love to chat about anything loosely related to what’s covered in that talk.

Lets get coffee!

👉 Book a time (Calendly) #

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