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Blessed to be Sick

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Yesterday, I wrote about reducing work hours to less than 40 hours a week. Yesterday, I was struggling to be engaged in my work. I was easily distracted, and didn’t feel very efficient during the day. Once I identified the tasks I needed to complete before I could walk away from the computer for the day, my productivity shot through the roof.

So - why the lethargy and ambivalence towards work? Turns out I was running a fever of almost 102 degrees! My wife took such good care of me. She practically jumped out of her chair and ran out the door for medicine and crackers and soda and soup when I took my temperature.

I felt so pampered and cared for. From evening till morning, and through the day. I worked a half-day today at work, and spent a lot of time sleeping. Kristi has been attentive, caring, and encouraging throughout. My wife is incredible. Now I hope to not make her sick…

Magazine. Crackers. Sippy cup of soda. 50's style Magazine. Crackers. Sippy cup of soda. 50’s style “ice cap”. Oreos.

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