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Resources for People with Jobs

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You spend most of your waking hours at work. So, spend a few of those waking hours when you’re not at work thinking about how to improve the hours that you are working. Often, improving your work means you can improve your work conditions and compensation.

Many people in their 20s feel stagnant in their job(s). Don’t let that be you.

Here’s a list of useful resources. I’ll update this occasionally.

Why this list of books, Josh? Why not just write “the best career advice ever! #7 will amazing you!” and call it a day?

Because I don’t know things. I’ve stumbled into some things that seem to work, and along the way encountered many things that seem not to work. 

I’m not able to evaluate my own experience and detangle my decisions from happenstance. So I choose to not play the game of offering advice, and instead point you to people who DO have useful things to say.

I promise, your time is well spent with these authors: