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Cheap fix to night-time teeth grinding

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A few years ago, I found out I grind me teeth at night.

Kristi says it sounds like I’m chewing marbles.

Others who grind their teeth give themselves headaches, or wake themselves up at night.

You can’t really stop yourself from grinding your teeth, since you’re asleep.

You can stop chewing gum, and try to be less stressed, but the go-too solution for teeth-grinders is a mouth guard.

Custom mouth guards are expensive and uncomfortable.

Over the counter mouth guards fall into two categories:

  • Bulky mouth guards that you soak in boiling water and then fit to your teeth. I tried two of these, and found them to not be that comfortable, AND I bit through BOTH of them after a week or two. Whoa.

  • Low profile mouth guards that are basically like magic. I use the Plackers Mouth Guard Grind No More* exclusively now. Supposedly they are disposable, but I use them for a few months at a time. They have very little texture, so they’re easy to clean/don’t get smelly, and they’re small and flexible, so they take up very little space in a toiletry kit. 

And, as a bonus, they are comfortable, and don’t impede my talking.

They’re cheap as dirt (you can buy them one-at-a-time in a pharmacy, for $1.20 or so), and if you try them and don’t like them, you’ve lost nothing.

Give ‘em a shot

*I don’t do affiliate links. Just trying to share useful things.

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