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November 2016 Goals

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November 2016 Goals #

Note to the reader: The words that follow are all about me. Very naval-gaze-ish. I feel I owe you this warning.

My November goals are an extension of my October goals.

October was good ( October review) - I made progress on two of three projects, and one of those projects need to conclude to make space for the third. (I want to wrap up a course from, and once that hits a stable finish state, I’ll switch to prep for Turing School.)

Deepen my knowledge of front-end web development #

Same goal as last year - finish up the current tutorial, and then sketch out small next steps and start studying. is a good place to work on little problems and practice a bit.

Climb 5.13 #

Last month I sent my first 5.12d outside. A few days later I sent my first 5.13a in the gym. I can do all the moves on another 5.13a, all but one move on a 13c, and almost all of them on a 13d. Due to the inflation of indoor grades compared with outdoor grades, I’m thinking the indoor 13d might be a real 5.13a in difficulty.

Basically, I’m breaking into solid indoor 5.13 territory, in part because I’m getting better at remembering my sequences.

I’m still trying to figure out what my weaknesses are, in order to train my weakness instead of my strength. I’ve historically enjoyed training contact strength, but I believe I’m a bit short on movement strength, and absolutely terrible with technique. So, I am trying to train my technique.

Get “The Climber’s Guide” rolling #

I’m building out an email drip campaign that concludes with a hard sale(after delivering amazingly valuable guides), pointing people to a sales page (er, I need to write that, too), for the course.

I’ve worked with some lead climbers in person, working through the basics of the program, and I’ve gotten great feedback. Things like “ life changing” and “my climbing will not be the same”.

I’m working on working with a larger group of people, and I’d like to get some video from them doing the exercises, so others can follow along on their own, but it’s really encouraging, the kind of feedback I’m getting.

I’m gonna launch with just the course + video at $67, with perhaps a more expensive offer at ~$197 including lots of my dedicated time, 1:1. (I could see doing face-time sessions or something, while the climber/belayer are doing the exercises). That will be partially to take advantage of the price anchoring effect, partially because some people will know they want the high-touch version, and $200 is nothing in comparison to what they’ll get in return.

Misc #

Random self-reflections.

Phone Usage #

I’ve disabled my Twitter account. I changed the password to a random string, and then wrote an email to my future self with the password enclosed. Delivery date is sometime in August 2017. I know I could force a password reset, but knowing the password is coming, and introducing friction to the system makes me pay way less attention to the app.

I deleted Instagram as well.

Both of these changes have helped me spend a LOT less time on my phone every day.

Screenshot thanks to PhoneUsage app (Android). It's gamified not spending time on my phone. (Moment for iPhone looks like a nice equivalent.) Screenshot thanks to PhoneUsage app (Android). It’s gamified not spending time on my phone. (Moment for iPhone looks like a nice equivalent.)

Reading #

I’m building in even more reading time to my schedule every day too. It’s stupid, but I sorta-accidentally set a goal of reading 100 books this year.  I’m at 62 books and no where close to hitting the goal of 100, (I had a three-month period where I read very little, for some reason) but I think I’m aiming to clear 75 books by end-of-year. I read about 50 last year, and plan on reading many fewer next year.

My effort to read 100 has made me read books that I would otherwise not have read. If it’s short, and I get 30% of the way through and decide I don’t want to finish, instead of stopping reading it (like I would normally do) I sometimes find myself trying to finish it. This is a bad use of time, but… oh well.