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OK, some new books

Yesterday, I proclaimed “ No new books”. I spent a lot of time today thinking about that proclamation.

Do I really want to limit myself to just the books that I’ve already picked for myself?

Yes. Maybe.

There’s a kind of book I don’t want to read any more of. That’s the “get started with a project” kind of book, or the general productivity stuff that’s floating around.

Nate Eliason wrote Fighting Infomania: Why 80% of Your Reading is a Waste of Time, and I wholeheartedly agree.

So, I’m trying to reduce the consumption of tactical knowledge when it’s not helpful, or when I cannot act on it. I want to dwell on substantial, helpful literature, and maybe even find a few books I’d like to read twice.

I don’t read TONS of fiction, so I don’t see that as a habit I should try to give up.

So, in short, I’m trying to reduce books that are:

  • written recently

  • non-fiction

  • business related

Nate summarized better than I can:

[Don’t read it…] if it doesn’t answer a specific question you’re currently asking, cover philosophical knowledge, or entertain you, then don’t read it.

Words to live by.

PS This was prompted by my friend Alex making a sci-fi book recommendation. His recommendations are always excellent, so I felt like my priorities had to be wrong if I banned myself from following up on his suggestions.

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