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My terminal setup

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note: this is a draft. Please ping me in slack/email with questions, spots where this is unclear. I’ll answer your question, and update this post.

Here’s some quick notes on how I have my terminal setup.

First, I use Zsh. If you’re on a new Macbook Pro, you also are using Zsh.

Install iTerm #

If you’re using, head to and click the “download” button. Install the app.

Install oh my zsh #

Install oh my zsh:

Head to and follow their installation instructions, which is

Run the following command in your terminal:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Edit ~/.zshrc` #

Open up ~/.zshrc in Atom. We’ll use it a few times.

Line 10 or 11, change the theme value to agnoster

Head to the repo and follow the installation instructions, which touch on:

Install the Patched Solarized Fonts: #

# clone
git clone --depth=1
# install
cd fonts
# clean-up a bit
cd ..
rm -rf fonts

Update iTerm to use one of the new fonts #

Profiles > Text > Font (Meslo LG M DZ for Powerline)

iterm settings

open up this file: ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/agnoster.zsh-theme

or do atom ~/.oh-my-zsh

Atom open up the themes directory, and open up agnoster.zsh-theme

comment out the existing line that says PROMPT on line 230, and paste in:

> '

Should look like this:


Resources #