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Yesterday I read How the Hell do I Prioritize Work, Blog & Find Balance.

The author of the letter is a busy, accomplished guy and still manages to write regularly. 

He said, in short:

I sit down, and I write. I’ve done it a lot, so I’m not bad at it. I don’t often proof read my stuff, I make grammar and spelling errors, and what I publish is not polished, refined.

I’ve been doing it for long enough that I can crank out posts quickly. I don’t worry about typos. I don’t worry about sounding too smart. I don’t worry about every post becoming part of the national treasures. I just write. Usually single sitting. No editing. Hit publish. Sayonara

I like that style. “Single Take”. Spill what’s on your mind and hit publish.

I get caught up in editing, making things be just right, putting out “amazing content” that I just write literally nothing. Nothing at all.

There are times and places for great content, but this is not it. I don’t need a great banner image. (Cropped to look great full-width, of course, and something with text over it to look good for social media sites…)

Is money changing hands? (Or are you hoping to convince someone to buy something?) Great, do a round of editing. Make sure that what you are talking about is resonating. But this is not that.