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Why I Eat Bacon Every Day (And You Should Too)

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note: as of late 2017, I’ve rolled over to a mostly vegetarian diet. I still love meat, but don’t feel comfortable eating it, for ethical reasons. I still believe that, on a whole, bacon is good for you, and I still eat veggies and many eggs every day. I just don’t eat bacon or other kinds of meat, except very occasionally. I’m leaving the rest of this post unedited for posterity’s sake.

I love breakfast.

Almost every morning for the last three years I have had a frying pan full of bacon, and three eggs.

There are plenty of reasons I do this. Every one knows protein is good for you. But that fat… that grease. That cholesterol. I’m going to die young, right?

I don’t think so.

Before you dismiss me out of hand, just look through two articles.

I won’t go into it all here, but know this: There is a group of intelligent, scientifically literate people who believe it is good for you to eat bacon and eggs every day.