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Lets Explore Working Together #

You and I have possibly already swapped emails, phone calls, possibly had coffee/drinks together, Zoom calls, etc. As a result of our prior conversations:

  • You or I have a suspicion that we should talk a bit more directly about the problem at hand (For example: Maybe we discussed something that would help bump your conversion rate from prospect to paying customer by 5%.)
  • We might have discussed something that could help you negotate your salary up by $5000, or a way you can land a dream software development job.
  • Maybe we talked about career next steps, or how to handle a sensitive work situation.

Either way, you know the scope of the impact I might have. If that figure might be just a few hundred or few thousand dollars, book some time on my calendar for $50.

If that figure could be tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars, set up a 1-hour “roadmapping” session for $250

If you’re paying with a company credit card, and/or you’ve said the words “quarterly projections” or “funnel” or “ARR/MRR” or “NDA” in the last few weeks, book the $250 roadmapping session.

I’ll deliver you 10x in value as you spend on the session, and if we end up working together in an ongoing fashion, I’ll continue to deliver 10x what you pay me.

Persons that might be a good fit and what we might talk about: #

  • Early-career Developers: Career-related growth, or how to dovetail career and “non-career” growth goals side by side. How to most effectively level up your skills, understand how you deliver business value, etc.

    If you’ve got discretionary learning budget, book a “consultation” for $50, otherwise, book it for free.

  • Early-career Managers/Team Leads: (either individual contributors or managers) How to discuss/make visible the business value you deliver. How to protect yourself and your team from the organization. How to improve the organization by protecting yourself/your team.

    Team retention, team efficacy, team-impact on overall business.

    Schedule something for $50 or $250

  • Early-stage Founders/Executives: I do targeted problem-solving, and enjoy the intersection of sales, marketing, and software development.

    Maybe you don’t have the resources or risk profile to quickly make a full-time hire, and you know the cost of a bad hire1. Alternatively, maybe you don’t have the resources/capacity to do some bit of work in-house.

    I enjoy the intersection of marketing, sales, customer success, and software development.

    You know the math of what a 5-15% bump in customer LTV or a 5-15% decrease in CAC means to your ARR and runway.

    Book a consult for $250

I guarantee your time and money will be well spent, but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others have said:

Much of my value-add comes from the fact that I understand key motivations for a wide range of persons, including people/groups traditionally considered to be at odds with each other, or at least considered to not be relevant to each other.

Help on software products #

Former coworker/Senior Product Manager

[Josh] is bound to be successful wherever he goes. His background in sales and support gives [Josh] an edge I have never seen from a developer before.

Help with Salary Negotiation #

andrew brown Andrew Brown, Lawyer

I was interviewing for a new job. I know Josh loves the topic of salary negotiations, so I gave him a call and he coached me through the process.

One week and two phone calls later, I got the job and I’d negotiated a $15k/year raise over what the company claimed was the highest they could go.

Katy Wellington, Public School Teacher

In April 2019, I was a public school teacher desperately trying to find a better job at a different school with a more open minded and progressive administration. I applied to a better school and to my delight, I got an offer!

The new school appealed to me because of a much-improved work environment, but it would have been a big salary cut.

Even with the salary cut, I wanted the job. The salary cut was a big problem, though. Teachers already get low pay and this decreased salary was almost a deal breaker.

I didn’t know what to do.

Luckily, I spent time talking to Josh about my dilemma!

He helped me see my value as an experienced educator and helped me feel confident in my value to my new school. He helped me confidently navigate the negotiation process in a way that was smooth and respectful to all involved parties.

In the end, with Josh’s help, I was able to not only convince my school to match my previous salary but actually beat my prior salary by 10%, which was above their own publically-stated “maximum starting salary”!

FAQs #

If you’ve got a question, shoot DM me on twitter or email me at

What happens when I book a session? #

Great question - here’s the approximate flow:

  1. You click the appropriate booking link. (They’re all listed below, for your convenience).
  2. You answer some questions.
  3. You confirm the date/time, pay via Calendly/Stripe.
  4. I’ll email you some follow-up questions to help build context before we actually chat.
  5. We meet (via Zoom, or in Golden, CO, if convenient to you).
  6. I ask questions to understand the topic at hand, share insights and resources
  7. You go on with your life, being slightly or significantly improved for our time together.

Why do you offer free and not-free options side-by-side? #

If you’re wondering, pick book a session (probably the free one!) and ask me to explain.

Are you open to full-time employment? Could I convince you to join my team? #

Maybe? It never hurts to ask!

I’m not particularly interested in full-time employment at the moment, though there are companies/roles/opportunities that could make me change my mind. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯