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Write It Now

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This concept has been important to me:


I’ve referenced it, almost apologetically, in a few other things I’ve written recently.

Usually I’ve just slapped it into an email or My best writing has invariably come from managing to

It’s useful to know when to write about something. I feel like I often self-censure in an attempt to make something better than it should be, and in doing so, fall off the back of this curve.

I will reference this page regularly, in some ways to act as a defense against some very obvious criticisms. IMO, I’d rather throw 10 things as the wall quickly in a week, instead of 1 thing every other week.

If I propose something that sparks “controversy”, however that is defined, I’ll gladly cross that bridge (or burn it, if need be) when I get there.

If you’re a software developer, and use Github, you are welcome to leave a comment below (it takes you to a comment on a dedicated Github Issue page:


This was typed up/published in about 20 minutes, took 2x as long as I wish it had. I could make it 10x better with another hour of work, but I only have 20 minutes.

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