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Illdefined Success is Unattainable

We all probably have a few projects floating around our head, but they seem daunting. If it doesn’t seem daunting, it’s not much of a project, and you should either ramp it up until it’s daunting, or discard it.

So - we have a daunting project. Now what? If you’re like me, you’ll fart around on the internet for a little while, doing “research”. You may take a few, or even many, steps in a certain direction. You’ll possibly feel good about it for a little while.

But when the enthusiasm fades, you stop the work.

There are many reasons to stop work on a project. Some of them are good ones. It seems like a waste of time doing work on something you don’t want to do! But if you do want to do it, and can’t, what’s going on?

I submit this: Without a clear definition of success, it is impossible to actually succeed.

Half the battle is defining success. So, step one of a project should be: Define success.

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