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Piece by Piece

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The following is inspired by Amy Hoy.

I’ve got a secret to share: I’m working on building a product (of the digital variety) that will be so damn goodpeople will pay me $100 or more to get it. 

I’ve got a lot of bits and pieces of it littered around the internet, my computer, and my head. If you want a sneak peak at an earlier (unsuccessful) stab at this, click over to

There you can buy a PDF for about $20, if you wanted to, to read about 25 pages of my thoughts and ideas on dealing with fear while lead climbing. I’ve sold a few copies (maybe eight?) over the last eighteen months .So, the ROI on the time invested in that particular product is hovering not much over $1/hr. 

The path to get from here to there is daunting:

  • What is “there”? I’ve got it loosely defined, but need to tighten that up)

  • I need a way better product.

  • Do I need to add “services” to the product?

  • If so, what are those? Videos, an hour or two of my time via Skype

  • How do I know when I’ve reached a product that is good enough

  • Assuming I’ve got something good enough, I still need to build a much better landing page.

  • And I probably need an email drip campaign to build trust with subscribers.

  • Subscribers. Where do I get them? Reddit? Guest posts?

  • Guest posts. I need to write to the owners of well-trafficked and run some of the stuff I’ve made by them to see what they thing/ways I can make it better.

  • I need a list of potential authors to reach out to. 

But guess what? Every one of those steps is doable. By me. I just need to sit down and start chewing through them. Some of it involves thinking, some of it involves writing, and some of it involves emailing. There’s nothing more complicated than that.