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Habits Take Preparation

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There are about twenty geese that live next to my apartment. The wander around all morning eating. I get to watch. Kristi and I moved to Golden, Colorado. We’ve been in our new apartment for five days. I’m trying to quickly settle into a routine that makes sense for both of us.

For example - I work for a company in Boston. While I could keep local working hours (Mountain Time) I prefer to free up my afternoons and evenings by keeping Eastern time. So my work day starts at 6:30am. I don’t want to be rushed in the morning, so I’d like to be getting up by about 5:30.

So far, I’ve been getting up when I want, but I’m getting very tired by the early evening. I’m not going to bed early enough.

My priority right now is to figure out 1) How to go to bed early and 2) how to incorporate naps into my day.

Both of these take thought, and are not something I’ll just throw myself into.