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A New Old Financial Product

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I’m going to weave together talk of land value, and financing, and some of the primitives1 around financial products.

How much would you pay for a box that lives in your mailbox and delivers $1000 on the first of every month?

Would you pay at least $5000, if you felt really confident that it worked, as expected, as advertised?

If so, you understand amortized earnings, and something called their “present value”.

Here’s the talk abstract: RailsConf CFP Draft Notes

Here’s some footnote demos. [^like-this]

Multiline footnote: 2

There’s many objections or questions that you could raise, right now, as you are reading these words. Possibly on your phone3

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  1. I’ll be using in the sense of ‘constituent, base components’ rather than ‘backwards or colonial’ sense. 

  2. This is a multi-line footnote. I can have a long single line of text cross the page and it still renders correctly. I need to hit [tab][tab] when starting another line.

    feel free to include a quote!

    { pizza_status: :not_enough }

    It can include all sorts of formatting! And images! an image 

  3. I would never, ever, admit to using the bathroom and browsing my phone, saying “yeah, I’ll come back to that” and never do. 

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