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Ruby Tutorial 001

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I’m playing with Michael Hartl’s Learn Enough Ruby book.

I’ll throw basic things I learn along the way on here.

A good starting point is using your command line. I use iTerm2 for my terminal instead of the default Terminal installation.

To get up and running in your terminal, you might start using Homebrew. It’ll install programs you will want/need easily, and keep them up to date. Lots of tools you need have installation instructions that says

To install:

brew install wget

Which means, in your terminal, type brew wget and Homebrew will install the application, all dependencies, and will keep it up to date.

How do you install Homebrew? Per their instructions, copy-paste the following to your terminal:

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL

So, your first program to download can be iTerm2. Once brew is installed, type this into your terminal:

brew install iterm2

And you’ve got it installed!

Additional resources: #