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RailsConf Presentation: 'Junior' Developers are a Solution to Many of your Problems

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Did this talk resonate and you want to implement some of the ideas at your company? I might be able to help. Shoot me an email at or book some time to talk at

This talk is available on, here:

I’ve only just started systematizing resources around this. I’d love to talk with you about your thoughts on these resources. Use the coffee link above, or if there’s no availability and this is an issue you’re willing to throw money at, book time on a much more flexible calendar here:

I’m a month into creating public resources to create a “path” by which an ECSD can grow to a non-ECSD. Follow along here:

Questions that came up from the talk #


Misc Resources #

There are lots of ways teams can better utilize the resources of their ECSDs.

Q&A on March 14th, at 4:40p.

Slides #

Available on Dropbox

RailsConf CFP Draft Notes #

Here’s the abstract for this talk: RailsConf CFP Draft Notes

Useful Resources #

I’ll be relying upon scientific and non-scientific literature like:

Other Talks I’ve given #

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Footnotes #