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`Medusa` mythical creature: part 1

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Preparing for Turing Series Index #

What follows is an eight-part series that will help you pick up useful information about a number of topics related to Ruby, specifically geared for students learning the Ruby programming language, as part of the Turing School’s Backend Software Development Program

It’s generally intended that you progress sequentially, but there’s no “right way” or “right order” to encounter these topics. You could convince me I have the order exactly backwards. I’d disagree, but only slightly.

I encourage you to skim around these chapters, get the “shape” of what’s to come, in your mind, and then dive in wherever you want. Good luck, and bug reports are welcome.

Wow. I made parts 1 and 2 of this video months ago, forgot to make them findable.

Turing’s Mythical Creatures: Medusa #

When you’re done, check out part 2.