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Career advice for Millenials. (ugh. I hate this title)

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Hah! You thought I had career advice?

Not quite.

Christian Bonilla writes one of the best blogs I’ve ever read at Smart Like How. Please click over there, and read a few of his posts.

He talks about being data savy even if you’re not a data scientist. He covers how to suceed in a new job, and many other things.

I finished his book Smart Like How: The Hidden Side of Career Success today, and highlighted many portions of it, because they contained specific and actionable suggestions.

I’ll expand on these in a later post.

In some ways, I’m not at the very beginning of my career. I’m 27, and there are plenty of people way farther along than I. But I didn’t get into my current line of work until two years ago, and have only recently been feeling like I’ve got my head wrapped around the work that I do.

No matter what kind of job you have, his book is desperately useful. If you don’t like your job, you should read it. If you’re ambivilant about your job, you should read it. If you love your job, you should read it.

And as much as we all will agree that work isn’t everything, it sure is significant enough to devote a bit of time to reading it.

Yesterday, I mentioned Patrick McKenzie’s “ Daenerys Targaryen test”:

I propose the Daenerys Targaryen test.

If you know who Daenerys Targaryen is, you do not have “no time.” You have priorities which included “I wish to know who Daenerys Targaryen is.” No judgement! I do, too! But if you know who Daenerys Targaryen is and you’re dissatisfied with your career growth, you should attempt to consciously be aware of the fact that you can choose different things in the future.

So, if you watch GoT, or any other show, with any regularity, you have enough time and money to pick up this book

Go forth and prosper.

PS Do you know someone who might benefit from that book, or the Smart Like How blog? I bet you do. Why don’t you send them a link to his articles, or to this post, so they’ll be inspired to soak up his wisdom. 

Sharing useful things with people is one of the best ways to add value to the world. Do it.