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The Power of an Audacious Goal

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I generally try to hedge the risks I face. I’m no daredevil, nor do I love danger, but I do love pursuing opportunities that take me beyond my comfort zone. The funny thing about going beyond your comfort zone is that once you’ve done it once or twice, you redefine your comfort zone to encompass that thing.

Public speaking is an easy example. Many people are terrified of it, but once they’ve done it a few times, it is no big deal. They would have to speak in front of a larger audience to feel nervous, but once they have done that, they now find that comfortable.

For this reason, I recommend you start building an audacious goal. Who knows what it is? You probably don’t even know what it is yet. Kristi and I had one, and just knocked it off the list. We moved to Colorado. Last night we were sketching out our next one. It’s invigorating, to be working towards a goal.

Anxious and overwhelmed? That means you’re doing it right. Here’s a way to move forward:

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