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Turing Prep Chapter 4: Arrays, Hashes, and Nested Collections

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Turing Prep Series Index #

So far, we’ve covered some string manipulation and did a few mythical creatures.

You totally don’t have to look through the screencasts in the order I’ve listed below. I just wanted to call out array/hash manipulation on its own page.

You can also look through the whole playlist.

Array Manipulation Exercises #

These are from ruby-exercises/data-types/collections/arrays.rb

I’ll add more screencasts for the other files in this directory soon:

> tree collections
├── advanced_nested_collections
│   ├── nesting.rb               // done
│   └── nesting_test.rb          // done
├── arrays.rb                    // done, what you're reading right now
├── hashes.rb                    // coming soon
└── nested_collections.rb        // coming soon

As I’ve mentioned before, I would recommend you try to stay ahead of me in this video. If you get stuck on making a test pass for more than a few minutes, check that spot of the video, then carry on.

This video is so long because I go into excruciating detail on each test, not just showing the given method that works, but showing how I would google for the right answers if I didn’t know them.

Googling is a skill. Get good at it. :)

Here’s an index of timestamps/what’s covered at that location for this Array manipulation video. #

Advanced Nested Collections #

Inside the collections directory, there’s another directory, advanced_nested_collections; this is well worth your time to play around with.

Here’s a walk-through:

I cover a lot of things in the video; here’s the index:

When you’re done, consider taking a look at some of the more advanced refactoring guides:

Turing Prep Series Index #